Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Midtown Target hates returns

I don't know what the problem with the Midtown Target store is (on Minnehaha and Lake) but EVERY single thing I have tried to return, with a receipt, they have tried to deny on the basis that it was "used". The last thing was a trash can I bought to use for recycling. I found out it was too large (has to be 10 gallons or less to use without a bag FYI) before I used it. Yes, it took me about a month to return it but I had surgery for Christ's sake. I brought it into the store and the girl looks in it, sees a speck of dust and tells me it can't be returned because it looks like it's been used. I am going to bet that every trash can they have there looks like that just from sitting in the store.

Why all of a sudden no returns on anything that has been used? This is literally at least the 4th thing I've returned that they have tried to deny because it's been used. Even if it doesn't frickin WORK they will not return something if it's been "used". When did returning things to Target become such a pain in the ass? They used to be just about the most customer friendly store and lately they have done a complete 180. I never thought I'd say this but I might as well shop at Walmart, at least they are reasonable about taking things back when they don't work the way you expect them too.

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